Veteran Commitment

Our Commitment to United States Veterans.

Our Commitment

Warriors Pride.

ASI – American Spec Industries, a company owned and operated by US Veterans, is dedicated to offering enhanced opportunities for America’s servicemen and servicewomen. We recognize the dedication and sacrifices made by these exceptional individuals across various US Military branches. We believe that the current programs, incentives, and opportunities available to Veterans often do not adequately reflect their valuable service.

The MISSION of the Warriors Pride Program is to Reduce Veteran Suicide.

ASI – We are aware that numerous factors contribute to Veteran suicide and its profound impact on their families, which may also lead to further tragedies among teens and spouses. As Veteran business owners, we see it as our duty, akin to a Pride of Lions, to take care of our own. Our commitment is deep, driven by profound respect and concern for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our fellow Veterans and their families.

Most of the Drivers to Depression and Suicide are Avoidable.

ASI – We recognize that the issue goes beyond untreated PTSD. We understand the complexity of dealing with clinical depression, lethargy, guilt, shame, substance abuse, domestic violence, childhood trauma, PTSD, family health issues, a missing sense of purpose, mental and physical health disorders, insufficient medical care, lack of meaningful employment opportunities, and more.

Our Program

What is Warriors Pride?

ASI – Founded by our CEO Wayne M. Aston and others, including veterans with experience in both the USMC and the 145th Field Artillery Battalion UTARNG, Warriors Pride embodies our promise to honor and show gratitude to America’s military personnel through the highest service level.

The program aims to address as many suicide-related issues as possible through resources we can provide, such as:

Provide Elite Level Work Opportunities
American Spec Industries offers wages at least 15% above the market average for its Veterans, accelerating career advancements for members of Warriors Pride who meet critical performance indicators. Our goal is to empower our Veterans to provide for their families comfortably and securely.
Provide Elite Level Medical & Dental Benefits

Our tailored insurance program allows customization to each individual’s needs, focusing on both preventative care and innovative treatments like Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Therapy. Regular health screenings and consultations with primary care physicians from military backgrounds ensure optimized healthcare for our employees.

Provide Elite Continuing Education
Our educational programs extend beyond job-related training to include diverse subjects such as Real Estate Investing, Cryptocurrency, Money Management, Entrepreneurship, Nutrition, Advanced Self Defense, and more. We foster an environment where Veterans can grow and eventually pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.
Provide Elite Work Environments
Our facilities are designed with our employees in mind, featuring amenities like gourmet kitchens, advanced training facilities, life coaching, meditation rooms, and additional perks to create a work environment that our team loves. Our approach extends the Experience Economy concept beyond the traditional sectors to our manufacturing spaces.
Provide Opportunity to Reinstall Purpose
In collaboration with the Divine Providence Foundation and other organizations, we actively participate in combatting human trafficking. By leveraging our unique skills and training, we engage our team in meaningful volunteer work and support missions that make a significant impact, reinforcing the importance of a purpose-driven life.